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A quick presentation of Reactivate MOOCs


Reactivate has decided to use MOOCs (Massive Online Courses) to offer additional support to its jobseekers. We try here to answer to all your questions about this innovative learning tools.


What are MOOCs?

MOOCs are free on-line courses, conceived differently from University courses, with subjects highly topical and of varying duration. The objective of these courses is to be immediate useful to adult learners and relevant to their lives, offering an engaging training environment and the opportunity to share experiences. All courses are strongly interactive thanks to constant discussions among learners.

Reactivate gives the opportunity to its jobseekers to obtain a free up-grade of the course, in order to access final tests, obtain a Certificate of Achievement and to maintain constant access to the courses’ material.


Why is Reactivate promoting the use of MOOCS?

MOOCs give the opportunity to adult jobseekers coming from all over Europe to access, in a flexible way courses, on specific issues. These courses can help them assess their profile, prepare their candidature, strengthen their skills and face the European labour market stronger and more prepared.


Why has Reactivate chosen FutureLearn Platform?

FutureLearn is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the UK’s Open University, with more than 40 years of experience in on-line teaching. FutureLearn considers the interaction between learners a strong priority and is experimenting with new types of content to meets its learners’ needs.


What do Reactivate jobseekers say about their experience?

Tiziana, from Italy: “It is a very useful channel to learn and share your competencies with other people connected to the program. The online platform offers a variety of very interesting courses”.

Csilla, from Hungary: “I feel it was very useful. I succeed in the meanwhile, now I am working in the Netherlands”.

Ludovico, from Italy: “The project gave me full access to several useful e-learning materials. They certainly helped me to reinforce some topics – such as machine learning using R/H20 – as well as giving me a first exposure to others”.

Join now our MOOCs!

Here are some of the courses currently available:

More information about MOOCs in our section dedicated to jobseekers !

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